Craft vs. Art

I like this debate about craft vs. art, but I do not think it is a question that will ever settle on a solid answer that people can agree about. I like the point the ukulele playing, flanel wearing man made about how artists will interact with their work and the making of a piece is part of the art. Craft is about planning and executing, and when mistakes happen, it is a mistake. That’s not to say that some artists do not plan and consider pieces as mistakes, but there is somthing about being part of the work rather than making something that will exist as a separate entity.

In my words, I believe that a piece can only really be defined as a piece of craft or piece of art by the creator. People may perceive something as art, but the creator alone has the right to define it as one or the other. I also think this debate is fairly arbitrary. Maybe an artist wants to be recognized as an artist, yes I can see that, but even if somebody makes books for pure craft to sell and make a living. That creator could completely denounce the book as art, but as soon as somebody buys it and starts writing or drawling in the book, that is an opportunity to create art. So, art or craft, I say just keep creating.

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