Quirky Bookworm with a Ukelele

Again, I will admit that when I signed up for this class I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I have had no previous experience with book arts and my idea of a book was, well, a book. So I have felt some resistance as I have floundered along trying to get supplies and cut boards with a dull blade and sew signatures that look remotely like the one we sewed in class. But I think I am starting to get it.  I am starting to see the beauty of a tiny frame with words inside. I find myself exclaiming “WOAH” when the ukelele unfolds to reveal an accordian (fold). I see it as an art form and I respect it as such. Mr. Thomas thinks that the book art form will replace other kinds of visual arts because it is becomming so easy for anyone at all to excell in photography, printmaking and even painting. Bookart may, indeed, become the promintant visual arts form. While I doubt it will ever replace the book, it might change the way books are thought about and presented. I know my thinking as shifted a bit!


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