Peter Thomas video reaction

I am still a novice at book arts, so every interaction that I have with it, I learn something new. While watching this video, I learned that book arts encompasses a wide range of materials/art forms. Before the video, I thought of book arts as art that was more of a cohesive whole, like that of a book. So to me, book arts only meant the creation of a book that could be considered artistic (which I now know is called an artist’s book). After watching the video, I know that book arts can involve, for example, the making of paper as a category of art under the umbrella of book arts. Binding and/or fine binding is a book art too, as are many other elements that go in to creating an artist book. I think Peter did an excellent job at describing what he thinks the perfect artist’s book would be. When he mentioned that phrase, I was thinking, “Okay, you lost me. Weren’t we already talking about that,” but once he likened it to a perfect work of art that everyone recognizes as being such, like the Mona Lisa, I knew what he meant by the perfect artist book. Now obviously, this would be hard to create and would be difficult for everyone to agree upon, but I’d certainly be interested in seeing any attempts. I also think that one could create their own version of the perfect artist book, and that version would be the greatest work of book art that they’ve ever made. I also have to say that it was nice seeing his enthusiasm for the book arts and his faith in them that they will succeed and be the predominate art form 20 years from now. While I in no way consider myself a book artist, I would certainly pay to see book arts exhibits. I could also see how his prediction might be true, especially since it is so easy nowadays for anyone to go on the computer or what have you and make an elegant work of two-dimensional art without being any kind of genius or needing to have a highly-specialized skill set. So to sum up my thoughts, I generally agree with what he said in his lecture, but I temper this by saying that I’m also not sure that I could disagree because I don’t know enough about book arts to be knowledgeable about it.


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