Newly printed from FML Press

Ok, so that’s not actually the name of my press, but it seemed like this midterm really was an exercise in Murphy’s Law. After completely blanking on the due date, I went into overdrive to complete my books as soon as possible. Meredith, if you were the queen of BS and pretending everything was planned in your books in class, I’ll do the opposite and own that absolutely NOTHING went according to plan.

First of all, the chipboard was the most difficult thing to cut. I cut part of my finger making those little frames that my images are presented on. The original plan was to have them bound with accordion-folded chipboard the way my mock-up is, and by the end of the night, I was in tears, and couldn’t cooperate with my remaining chipboard, so I scrapped it and went with cloth and hot glue. I wanted to keep the accordion style, so I glued semi-intentionally to simulate the folds.

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE PAINT. Ok, so I started out painting my mock-up by hand, but thought “screw that, that takes too long, I’ll spray paint!” Good idea in theory, but not in execution. It took FOREVER to dry, smelled awful, and looked worse. So, once again in tears, I dragged my boyfriend into it by making him paint everything black.

I learned a lot about myself with this project. 1- I am terrible at time-management, and sticking to a budget, and pretty much all of the skills needed to run a successful press. 2- I am a perfectionist to an absurd degree, and certainly at all the wrong times. I barely ¬†trusted my boyfriend to use a foam brush and black paint correctly. 3- all of that aside, I really love my books, and all the stress and drama behind me, I learned that I have a pretty cool aesthetic. Or at least I find my own work appealing. Other people won’t, but I think it’s pretty cool-looking.

Any variation in the books is unintentional and due to its hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind nature.

OH and my mock-up had hand-lettered titles. That idea was laughable considering my time crunch, so some of the cover art is different to give it that hand-made quality.


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