Mid Term

I really wanted to make a collection of books with sneakers but it didn’t pan out. My budget would have gone from $30 to $200 if I wanted to do it right. I’m glad we had an opportunity to pitch ideas and present samples. That alone gave me the necessary time and energy to create something worthy of the skills we’ve been learning this semester.

I was stuck between creating a collection of venetian blind or a matchbooks. Both of those styles were cool and I remembered how to make both of them. (Plus the supplies for those types of books are extremely cost friendly). I went with the venetian blind style because I thought that I could find a cool way to package them in the end.

I decided to go with Rumi over Langston Hughes for my project. Rumi has a collection of shot poems that are timeless and fit with the “Discovery Theme” that I was trying to create.

I bought enough book board to make 10 sturdy covers and sliced them up at Utrecht. I also decided to use pink color paper (Keeping with the love theme!) I cut and bone-folded the paper into equal squares that was big enough to hold the short poems and then used glue to attach them to the board. I bought white yarn for the brick look  but lost it so I had to use some orange yarn that I had lying around the house.

I painted the board brick-read and placed them to the side to dry. Then I spray painted a box metallic to house the bricks and stacked them neatly inside.

I’m happy with the end result and glad that all 10 of my books are identical. It looks like a brick wall and hopefully my classmates will enjoy the poetry inside of them.mid




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