Ce’t presque le temps pour vacance!

Well, having survived gastroenteritis, which had me sidelined for nearly seven days. My books are now complete as well. My final project did not look like its older iteration, or what I laughingly call the model. The book is called Masks

Lessons learned:

Need to learn in Design, so I don’t have to print ten copies of anything by free hand. My hands seem to have minds of their own.

Anything produced by hand is like trying to pluck your eyebrows, Difficult to get them even. Remember they are not twins, but sisters. My boooks are a gaggle of women. I struggled for eveness and uniformity. In some cases, I achieved it. In others, well you know where the story is going.

I am a winner. Although I was ill, I had what it took in reserves to get the job done.

Je suis fini est c’est ca!

Cherie Koko

1 comment
  1. Koko Zauditu-Selassie said:

    J’ai fini.

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