Nancy Murray’s journey of progress with her mid-term book

30 Inspired by the Pelican Complete Shakespeare.

This is a hardcover book that includes the complete works of William Shakespeare- his plays and his sonnets.

My concept for the book was to create a hand held stage. I chose stab binding because I wanted to maintain the feeling of a classic book with the whole theater inside. I chose the sonnet #30 for my text because it is my all time favorite. I used images of Shakespearean productions that may have fit the mood for each stanza of the sonnet. I brought them to life by making them three dimensional.

I made everything else black and white to represent the fresh page of a writer and the words he put on them.

I attempted to use some element of everything I have been learning in class. I carved stamps, decorated paper with the salt technique, cut the boards and paper (and my fingers) and bound them together using the stab binding technique.

 I made MANY mistakes and consider much of what I attempted to do a flop but I did learn a lot in the process.

I tried to use InDesign to set up my pages but failed miserably at that. I have no experience with any desktop publishing software so I bungled and bungled until I ran out of time and gave up.

I then made the mad mistake of using pre cut paper to try to print designs on. Another fail.

I ended up printing and cutting and pasting every book.

I failed at the decorating the paper. I think the kind of paper I used was already textured and so the texture that the salt added was practically unnoticeable. I also picked black as a color since I was trying to make the appearance of curtains for the “stages” but that just landed me with ugly paper. I had to enhance it with pen and ink to create the idea I wanted to express.

My 3D intention was to include the curtains but the binding proved to be too difficult with the many spacers I would need. I modified that plan to just create slightly lifted images and hope they don’t get smashed.  If I were to do this again I would figure out a way to protect the 3 dimensions better.

I feel good about the cover – the stamps – and the binding. While they were time consuming, detail oriented work I felt good about what they looked like in the end.

I chose purple and black for the cover colors because those are the colors of theatrical curtains usually. Red is another color but a red cover would have been too garish.

I typed the sonnet using Old English text because, well, it’s Shakespeare!

I named the book 30 because that is the name of the sonnet that I chose. As a title it was clean and simple. Shakespeare would have liked that, I think, since he never named his sonnets.


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