Evan- Mid term progress

This mid-term project forced me to learn quite a bit through mistakes. I am happy with the final outcome, but I still think I would have liked to use a hard cover (even though I was given the option to do so, I decided to go with a soft cover that wrapped around a pamphlet style book). One area that I acutally feel I did quite well in was pricing. With coupons for Joanne’s, I was able to save a ton of money. Infact, I was able to get everything I needed for this project there for about $30. Then I had to buy the paper I wanted at Staples. That was $8.00, and only used about a quarter of the pack. So, I would say my total came in just under $40, when I had initially anticipated having to spend over $60.

A major adjustment I made after the mock-up was abondoning hand-sewing. It took me over an hour to sew through the two layers of imitation leather on my mock-up. With the sewing machine it only took be about one minute per cover. Not only that, I was able to sew in a neat pattern with ease with the sewing machine.

A major struggle I had was printing in the correct order. I chose to set up my pages on Microsoft Word, which made my life a living hell. InDesign is definitely the way to go. For page layout, and for design. After designing with InDesign, Word seems like caveman tools. It just falls far from short when working on this type of project.

Overall, I am happy with my books, but I do think I could still improve on them, particuarly in the joining of the soft cover and pages.

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