Progress Report

Ok, so others are having trouble too?  I had lofty goals for this assignment, but reality and life presented themselves.  I spent three hours this weekend and three hours this morning on three computers and three printers trying to print my short story in pamphlet format.  I still don’t have it right.  However, I have something that I can bind, at least.  I decided to scratch my wooden book idea as well as the forever book idea for something manageable in the short turn around time…and more importantly for my fledging skills.

I am trying to make a pamphlet mock-up on orange copy paper with an orange cover in card stock.  On all three computer/printer combinations that I’ve tried, Microsoft crashes when I try to print in booklet format.  😦  I tried to use InDesign a few times, but became equally frustrated.  Also, my printers are having trouble printing the cover on card stock.

I am using thread and/or ribbon on the final 10 books, but am going with what I works for today.  I am sad that the mock up isn’t as lovely as I’d hoped, but I’m learning about the patience and planning that this process requires.  At least with my new, simplified pamphlet project, costs are lower.


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