Progress Report

First of all, I’ve never lost so much blood to a book before.

Other than that, for the most part I am pleased with how my project is progressing. The cage concept has worked out surprisingly well, and is a lot easier (faster) than I thought it was going to be. That’s god news, as I thought that was going to be the biggest headache of my concept. I’ve decided to go with the stab bound style of book, and I’m happy with that decision. I really like the look of stab bound binding.

I am, however, seeing some changes that I think will have to be made to my midterm in order to meet the production requirement of ten. For my mockup, the book is in the shape of a bird. This took forever, and two attempts, to get the pages to be, for the most part, even. To quote the¬†indelible Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” More than just the time it takes though, I think it might be a little “too cute,” a bit too clever. A bit too hipstery. I think that a more traditional book shape with the outline of a bluebird on the cover might better suit the project. Also, the dimensions of my book right now are 3×5 inches, and I think I might reduce the height slightly to be more economical with paper. This, I am still debating, however, so it might stay the same.


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