Progress, Art/Craft

I’ve had to make some adjustments with my project. I was having some trouble getting the “pages” into the box because of the material I was using as background. Last night, I decided to use tape instead and I think it works better. I’m going to look for other patterns rather than the one that I used for the background. The box itself won’t be a shoebox but a box that I will make myself out of a material that I have picked out. As far as the text goes, I am planning to glue the text in on the strips. I haven’t found the kind of font that I want yet but will decide one by the end of the week.

As far as art vs. craft goes, I think there are several lines that can be drawn. For me, the key resides within emotion. If the piece actively emotes from viewer to viewer and projects layers of meaning to whomever takes meaning away from it, it qualifies as art. Any visual thing can be used in some way to become art, as we mean it in the visual sense. Other art forms such as music, poetry, etc. have a whole different set of dynamics attached to them. But in terms of what we do in bookmaking, there is potential for the dynamics of art to enter into the picture.


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