Midterm Update

After making my mock-up I now know the following:

  • The atlas pages won’t contain text–it was totally illegible. They will just be the end pages.
  • The flag portion of my book is too busy. I’ll need to figure out how to condense the pages, possibly by writing on the front and back. Or I’ll make more accordion creases to give myself more space to work with. I still have to see which works better.
  • The metal binding probably won’t make it to the final drafts, unless I figure out how to make it look neater. Right now it looks too messy. If I decide not to use the wire I’ll just use a simple white linen thread.


I still like the concept behind using two different book types and the two I chose for this project will work well to highlight Barthelme’s two very different short stories. I also like the finished size that I chose, though it would make my life easier if I were to add a little height to the book to better accommodate the flag pages. Most importantly, I need to work on my InDesign skills because the printed pages turned out wonky. The pamphlet side needs to be aligned closer to the spine. The left margin of the flag pages got totally screwed up when they printed, to the point where it cut off the line numbers. Though after seeing the piece without its numbers I’m considering getting rid of them. However, I’m not sure how much we’re allowed to alter the original text to fit in with the book design. I plan on asking about this in class. If, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being “hell yes”), I had to rate my preparedness to start making 10 copies of this book I’d have to say I’m sitting around a 5. Yikes.


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