midterm update

The most difficult thing I discovered when I started my book was finding the materials. I wanted my main text enclosed within a box and finding ten equal sized boxes became more of a chore than I first expected. Finally I found small gift boxes at a Dollar Tree. Also, I wanted to incorporate a mirror into the book. My first thought was to have the words reflect into the mirror and be read off the mirror. However, after searching several places, I couldn’t find anything reflective enough for the words to be read. So I scrapped that plan.

       I still wanted to have a mirror so I created a mirror using aluminum foil and some stuff I found called crystal seal. I used the self-made mirror to line the bottom of the box then started putting the text in. I wanted the text to be on a blind that could be folded and unfolded without actually pulling the paper itself. To do this I pulled string through both ends of the box and through the blind fold. Then I tied knots in the string so that the blind would open and close by pulling on the strings outside the box. It works pretty well for the most part but it’s going to take a little tinkering with to perfect it. Then I painted the outside the box using oil paint.  


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