Mid-Term Update

Well. I was quite ambitious last week, wasn’t I? It’s a good thing we did a mock up because I got a couple of things wrong last week…


Problem #1

My book form was only dating my content. They needed to get serious.


Solution #1

Part of the problem was that my poems all loosely had to do with winter or nature or the coming of spring. The form and color scheme I’m using really didn’t reflect one of the more carefree, upbeat poems I was interested in using. I had to cut it. Now I have three poems from Dickinson that mirror the barren tree of winter with just a bit of the red in the artificial leaves (the image that inspired this whole project on Falls Rd.).


I think that by using the stab bound book, I’ll also mirror the loneliness and solitude of winter in that its delicate stitching takes time and forms a book that you have to sit with, hold, experience, rather than something you flip through very quickly. It’s delicate and beautiful but still sturdy and made to be handled.



Problem #2

I originally meant for the book to be 5 inches tall by 7 inches wide because I liked the look of the horizontal book. This doesn’t work well with the longer poem that I chose.


Solution #2

I’ve decided to make it taller than it is wide which also matches the image of the tree and allows for more stitching and a sturdier book all around.



Problem #3

I just don’t have enough time to handwrite everything, nor did my handwriting match the overall content. It had no real purpose besides the fact that I wanted to do it.


Solution #3

I used InDesign and I’m going to print everything. This also allowed me to find a delicate typeface that matches the content, again solidifying the relationship between form and content.



Problem #4

Last week, I wasn’t thinking about how image would work in the book.


Solution #4

My poems deal with winter and the wind. I’m already painting the pages with coffee to give them subtle color, and I’ve played around with a few techniques that mimic a dusty wind but I’m also going to add subtle “hills” and shadows of “trees” and other images that suggest winter or the personification of wind from Dickinson’s poem. I do want to preserve the sparseness of the pages and absence of image because that actually does speak to my content more than an abundance of images that are contrived.



So that’s the new plan: to just really embrace the form and work within my time constraints to make 10 solid, beautiful, winter-inspired books. I’m hoping for a snow on Wednesday and a day off of work to be both inspired and actually able to get it all done! It’s a fun process though. 


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