Craft and Art

I don’t think I separate the ideas of art and craft. Like Koko I don’t think something cannot be art just because it’s functional. Craft, to me, is art. I don’t draw a distinction between the two because I don’t like the idea of weighing somebody else’s intent, creative process, or product against my own beliefs. I also don’t believe any one of us can relegate to any other one of us what art is. A person only has to know what constitutes art in their own mind, on that particular day, or even in just that particular moment. I know that I think bookmaking is an art form, but I wouldn’t try convincing somebody else to believe that and I don’t think anybody should be allowed to try to convince me that it isn’t. I realize that I sound non-committal here, but it’s not for me to look at another’s work and decide if it should be allowed to sit in a museum somewhere. Or if it even adds legitimacy to the work for sitting in a museum. Basically, everything can be art to somebody, but specifically, most craft is art to me.


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