Snow Queen Progress Report

Sure enough, inspiration struck as I was working on the mock up Sunday. In Travels with the Snow Queen, the narrator at one point interrupts her tale to plug “Snow Queen Tours” the company for which she currently works. I thought, a small little pamphlet book would be appropriate and fit nicely in the snake book (and it gives me a chance to work with thread!). This pamphlet will just have the words from the section describing the Snow Queen Tours. This pamphlet book will most likely be a different color paper–I’m thinking light blue–in order to stand out from the rest of the book. The pamphlet book will be sown in snugly to one of the creases in the snake book.

I’m tempted to 86 the glitter trail of glass on the back of the snake book. The glitter pen I bought is not working the way I imagined it to be. The trail needs to be wider than the foot prints, not a skinny little thick line. How would that fold up anyway? I imagine cracking and peeling. I almost need a glitter roller like the one my 6th grade basketball team used middle school to roll glitter on our cheeks before the big game. I wonder if Bath&Body still carries this? Or Target? If not, the footprints look really nice. The cranberry ink I found is the perfect color. The bloody footprints could hold the back all on their own. Maybe I’ll be able to incorporate the glitter in another part of the book–the pamphlet perhaps?

Discovery: Writing all this by hand (10x) is going to suck. I chose to make the snake book long (2300ish words) because I wanted to include a lot of the story. I just love it so much. I think, though, if I space it out and write a little every day, I won’t get so sick of it…I hope.

Also, the handwriting will make a nice contrast from the type I intend to include in the pamphlet. The pamphlet needs to be typed to look professional and maybe an illustration or two. One of these days I’ll probably break down and buy InDesign. I like working with it, I’m just too cheap.

At this point, I threw the budget plan out the window. I guess it’s good to have an idea how much you plan to spend going into a project, but because I get ideas as I work on the project. I kind of have to fly by the seat of my pants (is that the right expression?) for projects involving creativity. At least I already owned the majority of what I planned to use (paper, tools, pens, etc). For my next project, I really want to get away from paper. I’m getting sick of it of the white ordinariness of it.

Things to buy for the next stage of this project:
-glitter roller (if they still exist)?
-colored paper for pamphlet–Plaza has some pretty blues. I’ll have to check out Utrecht as well


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