Response to Nail Art

I think that most modern art proves that the canvas for artistic expression can use just about any media. The video also reminded me about how the body itself is being used more and more in modern art (i.e. using fingernails, hair, blood, whatever). But overall, I don’t really think there’s a debate raging between craft and art, since the Greeks had two clearly defined words to avoid this confusion. I do think there is something to be said about the transition of ordinary ornaments (like nail art) into mainstream art. It begins with recognizing the object as intentional art, and then it needs a type of context. Museums are the traditional vehicle, but today I think there’s something cool about taking craft (which is usually done at home) out into the world. My question for you: is Pinterest eliminating the classical division between craft and art?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You make some good points about context, intention, and perception. As to your question about Pinterest, I would say no. In fact, I think it more solidly places craft in an area separate from art. I know lots of Pinterest users who absolutely do not consider themselves artists, but they like to do “crafts” and are always churning out new Pinterest projects. And I think that the traditional “high art” world hasn’t moved to embrace Pinterest. Pinterest is about skills that can be picked up, projects that can be replicated, and high art is by and large something that isn’t reproduced, and attempts to reproduce it are discouraged. But it’s an interesting question!

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