The hardest part about the project so far has been laying out the content. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t narrowed down the exact size of the book until yesterday. As a result, there were a couple times I had to readjust my layout to suit the gradual unfolding of my book concept. With that part out of the way though, things went well and moved pretty quickly.

Another undecided element of my project was the cover. I had some rough ideas about giving it a tactile quality and incorporating something three dimensional, but nothing concrete. Thankfully, this was easier to resolve than the layout. After a little while of playing around with my materials, I was able to find something that satisfied my aims and looked pretty cool.

The only real change I’ve made since my proposal is that I scrapped the matchbook element (i.e. the flap). I wanted the book to be easy to flip through, and the flap, sewn or not, impeded that. The flap also blocked a substantial portion of the cover when closed, which required me to leave a good chunk of space empty on the cover so that nothing would be obscured by the flap. This meant that when the flap was unfastened, the cover looked a little weird. Whatever benefits I had envisioned about having a flap to open just weren’t happening.

On the other hand, the stab bind worked perfectly. I dig seeing all the thread, as it reflects an important detail in the story, and it certainly makes the pages feel secure.

All in all, the book is coming together nicely, and I don’t foresee too many obstacles in making 10 more.


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