Progress Report: Lunch Poems

My book and I had a rough first week together. I completely underestimated how much time each element would take to execute!

I purchased my brown paper bags and wax paper. I decided on the size of my book and cut down my card stock. (all relatively easy/quick things) Then I sat down to type up and format my book. I am working with three poems from Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems.

I should mention that this was the first time I have ever attempted to print out and bind a book that I created in InDesign. It took no time to type up the poems, but I struggled with the formatting. Once I got everything on the pages, I traveled to campus to print out copies. I printed several copies (so that I would have a back up) but I could not figure out how to print the pages so that they would nest into a pamphlet signature. I saw someone’s post about using a photocopy machine to make double sided copies – very good idea! I might do that next time.

I took my printed copies home. The pages were printed as spreads. Since the pages were one-sided and facing each other, and could not be sewn into a signature as I originally intended, I ended up cutting them apart and making them into a stab bound book.

My little sandwich book is now in a wax paper wrapper, inside of a brown paper bag.


Things to work on:

The formatting/printing/binding of the book took so much of my available time that I was not able to make stamps/illustrated pages. I really want to draw or stamp lettuce and tomato to the first couple of pages, and I am going to make that happen in my final drafts.

Meredith suggested using butcher’s twine, or something more “sandwichy” to bind my book, which I like the idea of. I am going to be looking for something like that in the craft store this weekend.

The overall formatting of my book also needs work. Even if I end up making a stab bound book instead of the pamphlet, the margins need to be wider, and I need to figure out how to cut it more accurately.


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