prognosis negative…

First off, some things that i’ve learned:

-“sewing” stuff into books takes longer than gluing stuff into books…it’s also a more involved process

-tying knots at the end of the floss makes the book a hell of a lot thicker than i anticipated

-related: my cover is about a quarter of an inch too short (damn you floss knots!)

-if i ever got a cat, i would name it a non-English name

I’m getting much better at stab-binding. I don’t really even need to use the diagram anymore (yay). The overall size of the book works out, too. But, now i have some questions to answer.
Do i really want to sew everything into the book? Maybe it’ll work for just some of the content. And, if i do sew stuff in, should i stick with the style i have right now, or should i try something different, like punching through the page and wrapping the floss around the content a couple of times? Or instead of tying the floss off in knots, just dabbing some glue down to keep the ends in place? That would probably make the book less thick, which means i could use the intended size of the cover, thus keeping me from having to buy some more paper (which i was probably going to buy anyway just to have some extra in case something goes wrong in a big way).
I really do like the floss keeping things in, but i may just be too much the way i have it now. Though, if i actually got thread, it probably would go a little faster/i could actually sew the content in.
I wish i had access to a letter-press. That’s honestly what i would rather be doing.

I may change the image that hangs out above the poem, to keep the windmill theme i have going. The new image could…possibly…take up some more of the space above the poem stanzas and give the layout a little more balance.
Finishing these is really the only homework i have this weekend, so i’ll experiment around and see what’s what.


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