Mock up.

I had a bit of a panic this week as it seemed my plan was going to fail. I work full time (and then some) so it is very difficult for me to run around scouting the supplies I need so that I could budget and plan properly. I tried to do it on line but found that without seeing and feeling the paper I didn’t know if it would work for my particular plan.

I also couldn’t find the adhesive that I used back in the day when I did crafts so I was flummoxed on that end.

Then I couldn’t figure out how to do the stab bind with my particular plan without making the book too stiff and inoperable. It was a pickle.

Since I have so little extra time and/or money – and since I was completely unsure if my book was going to work or if I would have to scrap my idea and come up with something new – I didn’t use the actual materials that I will use for the project. I used regular paper and a little extra glue to reinforce them together. My paper will be of a more solid weight with a little flexibility. I’m thinking, perhaps, watercolor paper.  I have a sheet of that here at home already and it does seem to have the perfect weight, texture and give that I need.

I have taken images from the internet for my “scenes” and printed up three or four copies. I then cut several parts so that I could create the 3D image of them. I am concerned about copyright since these are not my images. I will ask in class how we handle that sort of thing. I know this is an exercise but it seems that doing this part correctly is most important.

I picked the images based on whether or not they fit in with the time or mood of the Shakespearean era. Also because they seemed to depict the right scene for the sonnet I chose.

I have framed the images with a mock curtain to indicate a stage performance.  Since the book I chose is the complete works of Shakespeare I wanted there to be at least the hint of theater in it. It is my intention (though I didn’t do it for the mock up) to make the curtains with a paste paint pattern to give it lushness and texture. We can’t have a stage with shoddy curtains now, can we?

 The sonnet is broken up and put into the opposing page from the scene.

If I have time I am going to try to create a way to stamp the sonnet so that I am not just printing it but that is a lofty goal. I might just end up printing but I will use a calligraphic font to indicate the old world.

I will bind the book with a leather strap instead of thread. This will require a larger hole for the stab but I think it will add something to the heartiness of the project.  I will add a feather to the remaining leather to indicate Shakespeare’s quill.

My cover is of a strong book board and it is my intention to cover it with either fabric or a paper textured using dyes and the salt technique. It is my intention to give the book a rumpled looking cover as if it has been around a while.

I will not have a cover on my mock up because I have a few questions about its execution.

I will use gold embossing for the title on the cover of the book.

Gold embossing is about $3.99

Water color paper (3 sheets) will be about  $10

I have the book board all ready.

The wheat paste materials are already in my kitchen but I will need the paint for it. $4

I already have the leather straps to sew with.

Fabric for the covers – I have no idea yet but I’ll budget about $20.

I found the adhesive! It was $6




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