Midterm progresssssssiwanttodie…..

So little did I know I was embarking on a way-too-intricate-for-me endeavor when I decided to make these midterm books. After realizing that my plan needed to be altered because I needed to create a soft-form book, I decided to do a flag book with cut-outs and to simplify my idea to encompass only one poem. It’s still super sexy, but my art leaves a lot to be desired (ha). 

Ive decided that in order to keep it looking sleek, I need to use spray paint instead of black acrylic paint, which streaks and collects loose cardboard fibers and gets all pilly. I have also decided on some time-saving techniques for creating my desiglike especially my carnation.


I need to design the text still in InDesign, white font on a black background. I know this mockup is supposed to include text and graphics, but I just couldn’t gettime in the design lab to create my text.


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