Fold and Raise: Midterm Progress Report

Midterm Progress Report
Dustin Fisher

Things have gone strangely according to plan. I was even ahead on my production schedule for the mockup copy. But not because it was easy, only because I over-dedicated my weekend to ensuring I wouldn’t have to do this all during the week while watching my daughter. I already left the scissors on the rug while she was crawling around one day and watched her pick them up and proudly wave them around in the air. Thankfully my wife was not there. Now I’m working with several Exacto knives and a lot of swallowable size paper, so I’d rather make sure she’s not in the same room. That said, the project has undergone a few changes worth noting:

  • No paint: I was going to use the paint primarily as a way to cover up the “Giant Oyster Crackers” and other designs on the cardboard I am using for covers. Once I realized I needed hinges on both sides of the accordion design, I opted to just use construction paper to cover the outsides of the covers, rather than painting and then using paper hinges and hoping the glue would stick to the paint. The construction paper is doing what I need it to do anyway.
  • Size: Tiny. This is a Turkish Fold book, so it was already going to be kind of small. But I felt that using 8.5×11” paper for the pages was a little too large. I decided to make the pages a 6×6” square before cutting them to shape. When folded, this makes them into 3×3” pieces (at a maximum – even smaller after cutting them to shape). So the book is 3×3”. This turned out to be a great size since this has the feel of a novelty book anyway.

While there have been a few modifications for the mockup, there are still a few things I will probably change for the production of 10. They are as follows:

  • Page design: There isn’t much to the page design as is, but that probably won’t change too much anyway. A little bit of black or red color with a circular gradient and the quote in the middle of the page. I thought to have something different on each page, like blood drops on the heart, etc. Then I thought better of it. I didn’t want to take away from the Turkish Fold-iness of the pages. But some of the quotes are difficult to read. I may need to add more than just the white border around the text on the red cards, but I wanted to get feedback from class first.
  • Page printing: I’d rather use a laser printer than having that much ink. My printer also has small but noticeable lines throughout each page.
  • The inside hinges : While the outside hinges are made of construction paper, I tried to streamline the inside hinges and used Xerox paper. I will probably use the same resume paper for this that I used for the pages. Also, the exposed gray of the cardboard is obviously behind the page when it folds out. I want feedback on it, but I may have the hinge be as big as the page to cover up the cardboard. I was worried about using construction paper there with the actual resume paper glued to it. I felt like it might be too thick. I want to perform a small experiment before moving forward.

I feel very positive about my status right now. Without any adjustments, however, making 10 of these books, from cutting the cardboard to taping the last colophon on, will still take most of the weekend. Hopefully not daughter-watching time. But it has been a fun experience thus far and I’m happy with the mockup.


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