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I am personally of the opinion that just about damn near anything can be “art”. And, having spent a great deal of time around artists of all types, i can also opine that a great deal of “craft” goes into producing said art.
I see it breaking down like this: art is the finished work, the THING that is produced, whereas craft is the PROCESS that produces that THING. Art, to me, is anything that is produced, or happens, as a result of someone flexing their creativity. It’s not this lofty set of ideals and conceptualizing…i mean, it can be, there is space in the Art Umbrella for art like that, but i think there’s also space for stuff like scrapbooks, and a really finely crafted mahogany desk.
Functionality i think is the hinge-point at which most people draw the line between Art and Craft, but i don’t think functionality really matters all that much. The blacksmith who makes a beautiful sword or cast iron fence or a hammer used to make said sword or fence is just as much an artist to me as Rothko. He’s a different kind of artist, sure, but Rothko is a very different kind of artist from, i dunno, let’s say Duchamp.
Art is what happens at the intersection between understanding, knowledge, skill, technique, and creativity. And, i think all art is a form of expression. It’s kind of telling in that way, transparent almost. But, i think there’s room enough under the Umbrella for whatever you want to express.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you on a lot of points. I think of myself as both a craftsperson and an artist, and some projects fall more into one category than the other, but I think both art and craft are always present in my work, or at least I intend them to be there. Ultimately, I think it’s too fuzzy to really define, but I think that it’s worth continuing to discuss because we have to use words to describe what we do.

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