Question about the Copyright:

Soooo, how exactly are we copyrighting material we don’t own? Is this just practice for later? I feel like a paradox saying that people can’t reproduce any parts of this book when that’s what I just did.

Soooo, what should we do? Copyright the writer(s) also? I guess we can change it after the mockup, but I thought I’d throw it out there now.

  1. Meredith said:

    It is, in part, practice for later works that you will own fully. But at this point, you should be addressing the copyright the way anyone reproducing a work would (think anthologies, etc.). What you’re claiming copyright on is the book design and construction, not the text. You’re then giving appropriate attribution to the original author/publisher of the text–perhaps with a wording like “Excerpt reproduced for educational purposes, originally copyrighted XYZ YEAR by AUTHOR.” This is an atypical situation, and of course I would not advise making it a practice to reproduce someone else’s work without their express permission for profit (or to ever claim someone else’s work as your own, profit or not) . But given that you’re reproducing a small excerpt of work as an educational exercise in a non-profit setting, giving proper attribution, you should be fine. My goal is simply that you’re thinking through these kinds of things as a publisher must–the publisher of an author has to give appropriate attribution as well. Does that make sense?

  2. It makes perfect sense. And I was thinking through that kind of thing, so we both win. 🙂

  3. Meredith said:

    Great! Glad I could help clarify.

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