Is it art or is it craft?

I watched the youtube bit about art and craft and I must say that I got a very helpful word to use to express the divide between the two. REALIZATION. In the video he says that craft is about neatness and not about intensive technique or thematic ideas but I don’t agree with that. Craft may be functional as a standing rule but it can also be thematic while serving a purpose. The word they used on the video that stood out for me was REALIZATION. I think art is an expression that LEADS to a thematic idea – not one that  fits into one.

A craft can be shaped to fit into a theme or idea but art creates the idea and the artist experiences some insight or realization of that idea while creating the art.


That is the difference between the two. I have wanted to find a way to put it into words for quite some time but this video summed it up for me.


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  1. Thanks for pointing that out, Nancy. I think that realization or intent is really a huge part in deciding what any particular item is in the world of craft v. art. It’s useful to have some basic definition, but as with so much of life, it’s incredibly fluid!

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