my midterm

      I choose a poem by Charles Simic titled Mirrors at 4 A.M. The poem is in a collection called Walking the Black Cat, of which, 4 A.M. is my favorite poem. It is a beautiful poem with many images I can use to incorporate visual aspects to the book, including images of mirrors, shadows and a hanky.

        First, I wanted to highlight the darkness of the poem. To do this I wanted to incase the words in some way. I thought the best way would be to make the book out of a small box. My plan is to print the words on a small accordion book. Then mount the accordion book into the bottom of the box. I like the idea of having something revealed, so my plan is to have the book hidden once the box is first opened then have a string the reader can pull to open the book. Since the poem is about mirrors, I want to put mirrored paper on the inside of the box cap and have the words printed backwards on the book so that they can only be read using the mirror.

           List of materials:

          10 small boxes- $7

          10 sheets of mirrored paper- $12

           Additional thread- $4

           Paint and painting supplies- $20

           Production schedule:

           2/28-3/1- Painting and designing outer box

           3/3-3/4 – Printing and creating inner book

            3/7-3/8 – Designing and building mirror and stand for mirror


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