I grew up during the explosion of sneaker culture. Every kid in my building had to have every pair of Nike’s, Reeboks and Adidas ever created in every color way. Each shoe had it’s on identity, story and distinctive design making them all equally important.

I want to capture that energy in my midterm project. I’ve yet to decide on what type of book to create but I know that shoestrings, leather, insoles, foam and other sustainable products from used sneakers will be included in the materials and set the tone for my creative process.  The art paper skills we learned last week will also give my collection an interesting look.

I plan on filling the book with selected poems from Langston Hughes and using the shoestrings as individual latches for each book. The end product will be able to fit in a custom case (most likely a shoe box) that would traditionally represent a set of volumes and double as a unique carrying case with a adjustable latch.

I don’t know what the end product will look like, but it will be amazing.

Paper- $30

Board- $20

Old Shoes- $0

Everything will be created and produced on March 5….


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