Michelle’s Mid-Term (Natural Alliteration)


I’m working with a 3-5 Emily Dickinson poems because I think her content reflects the materials I intend to work with (I went about things a bit backwards) and I’ve always loved her poetry. I haven’t decided on a solid number, although I have 5 poems of hers that I really like, because I intend to handwrite the poems and I’m not sure yet how they’ll fit on the page.


Overall Concept

I’m going to use the stab-bound form with coffee-stained watercolor paper & dark brown or black ink. I intend to create a sort of “end page” with fancy red paper—my one splurge for the project. I was inspired by this piece of MICA art that’s on Falls Rd and I see every day on the way to work. An artist created an “insert” in one of the trees with vibrant red leaves way back in the fall. Ever since then, all the real leaves have changed, faded, and fallen and these red leaves still remain in the otherwise sepia-toned, winterized Baltimore. I find it really striking and so I’m going to try to recreate that with Dickinson and coffee.


I hope to give the final product to friends as a way to celebrate the ending of winter and welcome the spring. Sounds corny, I know, but you also secretly think it’s sweet, right?


I’m thinking the actual dimensions for my book will be roughly 5×7 inches.



Coffee—for drinking and for painting                   own, no cost

Dark Ink                                                                     own, no cost

20 5×7” Water Color Sheets (140lbs)                    $10

100 5×7” Water Color Papers (~80lbs)                $10

20 5×7” Fancy Red Paper                                        $15

Brown Thread with Red Ribbon for Accents         own, no cost



Schedule for Production

on or before…

 March 1st—buy all materials

March 3rd—make first mock up—any adjustments need?

March 5th—cut all the paper

March 8th—paint the pages and write the poetry

March 12th—bind the books and cry in celebration


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