Martha’s Mid-term Book

For my mid-term project, I’ve chosen to work with two short stories from Donald Barthelme’s City Life: “At the Tolstoy Museum” and “The Glass Mountain.” I’ve been reading Barthelme on and off since the beginning of the semester and it’s his varying use of forms that are dictating how I make this book. “At the Tolstoy Museum” is written in a fairly traditional narrative form, with the addition of pictures (that won’t be included in my edition), but “The Glass Mountain” is written as a list.


To accommodate the two different styles of the stories I’m going to make a Dos-a-Dos, but one half of it will be a flag book instead of a second pamphlet. I’m not completely sure of the final dimensions, but it’ll be bigger than the dos-a-dos we made in class to allow more room for the flag side. So if the final, folded up size of the one we made in class is 3×4.25 I’m going to aim for something closer to 4×5.5. I’m going to use a thicker stock for the cover and thinner paper, possibly pages from an old atlas, for the interior pages. I already own a lot of decorative paper that I can choose for the interior if the atlas pages don’t work out. I also have some cardstock that I’m going to try to work with, but I have a feeling I’ll end up buying some paper from Artist and Craftsman or Plaza for the exterior. I plan on sticking with grays and blues, possibly binding it with sterling wire to keep an “urban” feel to go along with Barthelme’s title. If the wire doesn’t work, I also have thread I can use.



Glue: already own $0

Thread or Wire: already own $0

Thin decorative/Atlas paper: already own $0

Stock for covers: already own/possibly my only expense $20-$30

Printing Cost: using a friend’s printer $0


Production Timeline

Thursday 02/28-Sunday 03/03: Make mock-up with the paper I already own. If that paper doesn’t work out well I’ll have to take a trip to one of the art stores in town to get the supplies I need.

Thursday 03/07-Friday 03/08: Measure, fold, and glue covers. Print interiors.

Saturday 03/09-Sunday 03/10: Bind books.


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