Joe’s Project-Ted Berrigan Sonnet Box

My project is going to be based off of Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets. When Ted Berrigan made The Sonnets, he meant for it to be interchangeable. Not only in the order of the individual poems but also in the individual lines. My idea is to take three of those poems and use a book fold form to present them as both individual works and as combinations so different poems will emerge as the pages are pulled back. I want the text of the book in the fold form in a box. I will use board for this part.  As far as decoration is concerned, I would like to use colored cloth, probably blue and red, for the interior of the box and probably the exterior as well.


Board- $30.00-$50.00

Paper- I have enough paper to use for the project lying around or readily available so that will be no charge. I am using thicker paper for the project so that the pages will not only hold up but stay pretty stationary.

Cloth: Again, I have enough access to cloth that I can obtain it without paying.

Glue, Scissors, etc.: Again, I already have that.

Really, the only thing I see costing anything would be the board.


This week: Buying boxes and assembling them as well as putting in the hinges for the pages. I will also start putting the text down onto the pages. I would like the text to be handwritten, possibly in cursive, but I would like to see how the things look before deciding. I may print the text and cut the lines to fit the pages. I will also start putting in the interiors of the boxes.

March 4-10: Finish making the pages and the interiors. Get the pages assembled into the boxes.

March 11: Put finishing touches on the boxes.



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