If You Called Me Pretentious, I Would Not Disagree

Like most of my ideas, this one comes to me at 1 a.m. Also like most of my ideas, it is half-baked but sincere. For my midterm I want to use Charles Bukowski’s poem Bluebird. It’s one of my favorites, and I’ve been thinking very deeply about Bukowski as of late. My idea is that I want to make books in the shape of birds, and surprise surprise, they will be blue. I know I want to do a stitched book of some sort, but I haven’t completely settled on which one. I’m thinking maybe pamphlet, or maybe stab blind. Actually, because my books will be about 12-14 pages, based on the page breaks I have projected for the poem, I’m hoping that I fall in love with signatures tomorrow (slash today, boy, it’s late), and that it’s possible to do signatures with that few pages(?). This is actually me asking a question in class before were in class. The answer to which will make this rambling a little more definite. The bottom line is that I’ll want the book to lie flat, and I’m not completely sure what the best answer to that desire is.

Anyways, the thing about my books is that I want them all to be in metal cages that make the book impossible, or at the very least very difficult, to get to. Bluebird is about having something beautiful inside of you that you are unwilling, or unable, to share with others for fear of judgment. Thus, I want to have Bukowski’s beautiful words unattainable. I’m still figuring out exactly how to do these cages, but I’m pretty sure metal wire will be involved.

Proposed, but most definitely not final, materials and cost:

Steel wire: $15-$20 (On Ace Hardware’s website, this looks like enough but it might be slightly more expensive if I need more)

Paper: I plan on using the extra sketch paper I have so free (sort of).

The cover for the books is the big question mark. I’m toying with the idea of book board, for which I will ransack the Book Thing, but I’m not really confident in my book board abilities, so after some experimenting, I shall see.

I know that this not the most concise, or definitive proposal ever, but I was struggling with this. Now that I have an idea, I am very excited and ready to start diving into materials to see what will and will not work.


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