fast chapbook, 5 drawings of the maryland sky

Since I am focusing on developing my own independent press that publishes small runs of handmade chapbooks, I wanted to take the opportunity of this assignment to publish new work.

I am working with local writer and artist Joseph Young (the book artist I reflected on in the first blog) on his short collection of five micro-fiction pieces, 5 drawings of the maryland sky.


I am very excited to make a beautiful book out of this collection! I actually chose the author before the writing so this work was written for this project—when he sent it to me last Monday, I was thrilled because I fell in love with these stories and knew I could do a lot with them book-artistically.

Over the past few months I have sampled many chapbooks and have been thinking about doing short short runs such as this. I’m so happy for this practice.

I wanted to do a very simple design but still reflect the content of the book. I decided to go with pamphlet binding—to create a small vertical “flip-type” book that resembles a drawing pad. The entire book will be letterpress printed. The cover will be 65lb. cardstock, the inner paper 70lb drawing paper, stitched with hemp thread. The total coast of materials (including a letter press plate & studio rental) will be about $80.

I have accelerated productions because since I am doing a slightly extended run I want to have these chapbooks ready before AWP. I have already finalized inner layout, ordered letterpress plate, and prepped materials. I will print all pages this weekend and will sew & finish early next week. So exciting!!!

  1. I’d love to know if you set up your own independent press! very exciting!

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