Kelly Link’s “Travels with the Snow Queen”

Author and Title:
For my midterm project, I chose to adapt Kelly Link’s “Travels with the Snow Queen” from her collection of short stories called “Stranger Things Happen.” I love this story. It’s a humorous retelling of a lesser known fairy tale. At the same time, it pokes fun at the logic of fairy tales; talking animals, true love, etc. This short story is also filled with great images that can be used when constructing a book. I feel this story will translate well into book arts.

Overall Concept:
I just can’t seem to get away from the serpentine book form. It’s an okay form, but not one of my favorites. I’d really like to do something with sewing, but with this story, the serpentine book fits perfectly. “Travels with the Snow Queen” is about a woman who is on a journey to find her missing boyfriend. She later becomes a travel guide for the Snow Queen. So traveling and journeying are themes of this story. Since I made a serpentine book for my “Lost” book, I definitely want to change it up a little, push the boundaries so I’m not making the exact same form for this project. I don’t like repeating ideas. I prefer trying new things and new forms. So hopefully as I’m working on this project something will inspire me to make this book different and unique from the “Lost” book. One idea so far: instead of drawing a map on the back of the serpentine map, as I did for the “Lost” book, I will make a different design. In “Travels with the Snow Queen,” the main character follows a trail of glass and leaves behind a trail of bloody foot prints. I will try to recreate this image with glitter and a foot stamp with red ink. I plan on handwriting the text.

Materials I already have:
-10+ sheets of paper (I’m going to use the leftovers from the 19” x 24” pad I purchased for class. This will give me more pages to work with than a 8 1/2” x 11” and I won’t have to buy any paper because I already have this)
-cutting mat
-x-acto knife

Materials to Purchase (prices at Michael’s):
-glitter pen–a pack of 3 colors about $5
-foot stamp–about $6
-red ink pad–about $4
Total: ~$15

I’ve already bought the proposed supplies. Since I like working ahead, I’ll make the mock-up book today and see if I need to adjust anything. If all goes well, I’ll probably prepare the paper for the 10 copies of books by folding the paper, then drawing the trail of glass and stamping the bloody footprints on the backs. But there’s really no rush since my 10 copies aren’t due until March 12th. I’ll probably work on the books periodically throughout the next 2 weeks. I’d really like to spend the majority of my time writing the actually text so it will look nice and there won’t be any misspellings from me writing too fast.


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