The books for my midterm project will contain the text of Kafka’s “The Cares of a Householder.” I picked this story because I’ve long wanted to do something involving it and making a little book devoted to it seems like a good start. It’s one of my favorites, and I think it contains an appealing style that I can apply to my books.

The books for my midterm project will be a mix between the stab bind and matchbook forms.From the stab bind, I am keen to use the visual of its many overlayed threads, as well as the traditional book feel and reading style it supplies. From the matchbook, I mostly want the flap. The physical acts of undoing a catch and opening a flap seem like a good way to approach Kafka’s story, and I think the matchbook elements will add some character and found-object appeal. My intent is for the final product to feel like “a broken-down remnant”, yet to be constructed well enough that there is no “unfinished or unbroken surface to suggest anything of the kind.” I’m not sure of the exact dimensions yet, but it won’t be too far off from the stab bind/matchbooks we’ve seen in class.

To make 11 of these books, I will need a host of things I already own, such as: an awl, a bone folder, some scissors, a sewing needle, a cutting mat, an exact-o knife, assorted thread, and glue.

I will also need a few things that I don’t yet own, such as: the right sort of paper for the case (somewheres-about $12), the spot-on perfect paper for the text block (in-the-neighborhood-of $10), some additional bits of thread (oh-id-say-about $5), and some wooden embellishments for the flap and cover (ballpark-figure $10).

The production schedule for my books is as follows:

I’ll gather materials this weekend and get started on my mockup. I’ll finish the mockup next Wednesday and write my one page progress report next Thursday. The first weekend in March, I’ll start making my 10 final books. Hopefully I get at least half done then, and the rest I’ll finish on Tuesday (3/5) and Wednesday (3/6). I’ll start my two page self-evaluation that Wednesday night and finish it up Thursday (3/7).


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