I’d like to do a book based on one of the stories from Ander Monson’s Other Electricities.  I’m still having some trouble deciding which story I want to use, though. I like Monson’s style of writing and I like that the collection can be read all at once, almost like a novella, or in sections.  It would be cool to set up the book like that – unfolded, it could all be read together in a cohesive piece, and folded up, each section could stand alone.

There are several diagrams of electrical parts throughout Monson’s collection, which would be a fun thing to work into the book.  It’d be great to find actual parts and pieces of radios, etc., but I don’t know if I’ll go that route.  However, if I decide to get stuff from a craft store and work it into a theme of electricity/machinery, I’m thinking it might look a little too steampunk-y.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but not exactly what I want.  I’d like to concentrate on incorporating the electrical diagram, perhaps making the whole piece an accurate representation of such a diagram.

I like the idea of doing an accordion book, magic book, or snake book – I like the idea of it looking a little bit like instructions.  Since the forms are fairly similar, I should need the same supplies for whichever form I decide on: paper (already purchased), glue (if I do an accordion), ink, and perhaps wire (or whatever electrical component I decide to incorporate).  I have most of these things already, so the cost will only come from wire, which shouldn’t be more than $5 – $10.

Production will take place on weekends.  So this upcoming weekend (2/23, 2/24) will be spent trimming paper, shopping for design elements, and experimenting with everything until I have a mock-up and general idea of my next steps.  The next weekend (3/2, 3/3) will be spent putting together the final copies for class.  In the days leading up to class, I will have time to make any necessary corrections.



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