a match(book) made for li-young lee

So, Li-Young Lee’s poem “Have You Prayed” has been echoing around inside me since i read i read it about a month ago. I would really like to bring the space and quietness i feel in the poem into a more tangible mode of expression, so i think it’s going to be my content for the midterm.

I am very interested in the kind(s) of space Lee cultivates in his poetry. The usual sense i get from his work (with some slight variations) is a spartanly, but conscientiously, furnished room (a chair, maybe a small nightstand, and a bed, always a bed) with an open window and thin curtains. It’s night (or late afternoon/evening) and there’s a breeze coming in through the window, coming possibly from the sea.
I have a hunch that that room is the internal state of Lee, either the state he is at most of the time or at the very least the state he attains whenever he writes poetry. It’s a room with a stark and empty feel with a sense of motion, like someone exited right before you came in. But, the motion could be circular, like eddies of wind. And, the emptiness is one of openness, one that seems to draw you in.
I’m not entire sure how yet, but THAT is what i’m going to attempt to capture.

I think the matchbook design would work well for this project. Like i said in my last post, there’s an intimacy and self-contained vibe i get from matchbook books, and the fact that the way they open reminds me of a door, which works well my endeavor.
I think i’m going to stab-bind it, too, like my last project. I really enjoy the simplicity and the austerity of stab-binding. It feels minimalist, but minimalist with a purpose. I like the fact that it’s exposed, too. I really, really like that. I’m not entirely sure why, though. It just does something for me.

I think the books will be on the smaller side. Maybe about the size of the last book i made. I want there to be enough space around the poem itself to give that sense of openness, but i don’t want said space to be overpowering. I’m after that balance.
I’m thinking maybe a square shape instead of a rectangle, too. Oh, and i think i’m going to sew in the poem, as opposed to gluing it in. And, what i mean by that is this: print the poem on a color of paper (or a higher quality white paper), cut it out, and sew that into the book. I have a tone of embroidery floss, i might as well use it. Though, i might have to go get some more of a particular color -makes note for cost list-.

Speaking of cost list, i think i have most of the things i’ll need. I will probably have to buy some…well, maybe. I MAY have to buy another pack of the really awesome paper i’ve been using (there are these blue pieces that feel like Li-Young Lee’s poems; it’s crazy), but it will probably be a luck-of-the-draw if any of the packs contain those particular pieces.
I have a TON of other paper, though. And a deeper blue which might work.
These have to be as close to each other as possible, right?

So, maybe paper, probably some floss, and i think i have everything else (when i buy for projects, i get as much as i can in the first go just so i don’t have to keep going back), so the projected cost is maybe like 15 bucks? Well, not counting all i’ve already spent.

As for a production schedule:
-This weekend i will experiment around which shapes, sizes, and colors for the books. I suspect i’ll settle on a scheme before the weekend is up, so i should be able to go get whatever materials i need and actually start working on a mockup.
-Next week (before Thursday) will be time spent on getting the mockup finalized. I suspect…again…that it shouldn’t take me that long, so i would like to envision getting the mockup out of the way fairly early in the week and getting down into the bones of the project before the weekend hits.
-And next weekend into next week will be finishing the books up.
I think that sounds about right? 

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