I am going to take a shot at this but I’m not sure if I understand the assignment entirely. I missed the class when you went over it. Here goes-

I am going to do a book based on William Shakespeare. My favorite book is the complete collection and I am going to take one sonnet (Sonnet 30) of his and make my book out of it.

My plan is to use the influence of Brian Dettmer and make a three dimensional cover for the book. Since I am making 10 copies I will have to make that a very simple 3D cover.

There is a 3D craft gel that I remember using when I was younger to make cute 3D pictures. I will get that.

I will create the image and copy it 4 times for each book (40 copies)

I will cut out parts of the image  and use the craft gel to raise the cut parts up from the base image. I will frame the image with heavy board and matting.

My thought is to make the interior of the book four pages with each page using the same image that is in the 3D cover  as a watermark behind the text. The last page will have the image with slight changes to reflect what is happening in the sonnet.

Now the question of binding is a pickle for me but I think I will stick with the stab bound  which will mean that the three pages will have to be hearty enough to hold up with the cover. It also means that my dowel will have to be pretty hard core!

Because Shakespeare is such a classic I want to give the pages a classic look. I will use gold embossing for the lettering on each page.

Part two will be posted shortly –


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