Dos-a-dos Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Lit Pub Proposal
I will be using Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The reason I have chosen this story is because I will be using the Dos-a-dos book form. This form seems to inherently imply a double/separate story within a book, or even a secret story if one wants to think of it that way. What better story to tell with this kind of book form than that of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde where you literally have one character (one book) with two personalities (a place for one pamphlet and a place for another pamphlet). I also love this story, so that will give me the extra incentive I may need to really make this project special to me. My vision for this book is fairly simple. I will use text from the novella to tell Dr. Jekyll’s side of the story, and that will more than likely be the first pamphlet that readers see. The other pamphlet will be for Mr. Hyde’s version of his life. So like the characters, the finished product will be a separate, but united whole in terms of theme and form. The idea is that readers are looking at what seems like two completely different design conceptions within one book.
*(All prices are approximate). **I’m not sure how I want the dimensions of my book to be yet.
Awl (already own it)
Self-healing cutting mat (already own it)
Bonefolder (already own it)
Scissors (already own it)
Possible Xacto knife (already own it)
Yarn ($4.00)
Needle (already own it)
A heavier/sturdier kind of paper ($10.00)
A lighter, possibly colored kind of paper ($8.00)
Possible use of InDesign/Photoshop (it’s already installed on my computer)
Possible use of markers/colored pencils (already own them)
Possible use of images from magazines/internet (trash/free)
Possible use of paint (I already own several kinds)
Possible use of paintbrush (I already own it)
Total approximate cost: $22.00
Production Schedule:
2/22-2/25: Buy materials (2/22), experiment (2/22-2/23), make mock-up book (2/24-2/25), complete progress report (2/25). If I need /have more time, I will use 2/26-2/28 to catch up or get ahead. Both scenarios will be unlikely.
2/28: Turn in progress report and mock-up.
3/1-3/4: Make ten copies of the book (3/1-3/4, 2-3 books/day), complete the two page self-evaluation (3/4). If I need/have more time, I will use 3/5-3/7 to catch up. This scenario is possible.
3/7: Turn in a copy of the book and the evaluation.


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