Some Inventions

For this week’s assignment I made a matchbook and filled it with found text about Thomas Alva Edison. I chose Edison because I had a strong interest in him from about third to sixth grade and have had a biography about him laying around my place for the past three months. I got the book from The Book Thing and stamped inside the front cover is a logo for the “Library of the University of Baltimore.” I figured, for this week’s theme, it would be appropriate for me to bring some of the Life Story of Thomas Alva Edison back home to the UB campus.

Each of my matchbook’s pages is actually made of three different pieces of paper. This was a time-consuming process and I’m now fully prepared not to make this mistake again. While making my mid-term books: I will not use paper from a book printed in 1931; I will not cover those pages in thin, temperamental tissue paper; I will not back those pages with cardstock that make them impossible to fold. Consequently, these pages are stiff, but also delicate. In order to cut down on the amount of effort a person has to put into reading this small book, I cut the pages in different sizes and arranged them in ascending order. That way there is less movement needed in order to read the found text.

I left the front, where the cover tucks in, blank. The title of my book, Some Inventions, is on the last page, but because of the way the pages are organized it’s the tallest one so it is actually placed where a title normally would be on a chapter, front and center. Then, to read the book you have to start with the first page, which is shortest and work your way back. The layout messes a little bit with a traditional idea of organization. However, this is a matchbook so it doesn’t necessarily follow traditional book form and I think it works well this way. Overall, I’m happy with how it turned out and like the design of this matchbook.


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