I found my way onto the site, Thank God!

My Found Book
Koko Zauditu-Selassie
Speaking of “found” I am finding that my process of determining the form of my book is quite amazing. From Tuesday night until Saturday when I began constructing my found book, I was convinced that I was going to make a matchbook. For me, it was the coolest of all the soft/sewing books we made last week. However, after looking at what I had written, I discovered that the Venetian blind book was best suited to display my found poem, titled, “I Found Language.” That is, its hierarchical structure lent itself to my reflection on language, memory, and the way memory circles with language to retrace identity.
To achieve the length to house each of the lines of my poem, I knew that I would need to have to glue the three sheets of 9×12 ‘’ together before folding in an accordion fold. I then used my awl to make the holes. Afterwards, I sewed the paper with wax linen thread. Once the book was sewn, I affixed each of the lines to a fold of the book. After I glued the words in, I colored the text with water color crayons. After the lines were colored, I dampened my sponge brush and experimented with the wash that added color to the fold. I then tied the ends of the blind using small metal elephants and stylized Ethiopian crosses, two symbols which capture my identity (My name is Ethiopian, and the elephant is one of my avatars or spiritual totems).
Finally, because it was a found poem, I sewed in a pocket and filled it with poetry lines so the reader could construct their own found poem. The results are an interactive book, where the reader can continue to explore language and find meaning, just as I did. The first interaction is to open the “blinds” and find the words. After they read my poem, they find their own.
I think I have the design “game” worked out. I learned that I am going to have to step up my glue game. Additionally, I am going to have to be more precise in my folding and cutting of the paper. I am not a counting and measuring type. In order to create the Mid-term project, I am going to have to improve, for my 10 books to have uniformity.


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