Found Title

This week I took the “found” theme to inspire my materials first rather than my content. I used “found” materials around my apartment–magazines, a trader joe’s bag, and ribbon to create a three part pamphlet book. I intended to create the book and then add “found” text afterward, but I realized that I didn’t really need to.

By creating signatures of 16 random pages, the book actually created really need spreads of juxtaposed images. The result was interesting and surprising: A girl with a coat on top and bare legs on the bottom that lines up almost perfectly as if I’d taken much time to layout each page.

I ended up adding a handful of images and text blocks from magazines throughout the book, but mostly I let the book create itself. I’m excited to show the class some of the interesting things that happened by chance, and I’d like to experiment a bit more with the “materials creating the content” process I’ve used here.


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