“Found” Book

I had a hard time with the found book. On the first book, I had a visual in mind that allowed me to drive the structure of the poem. On this project, I wrote the poem first. As a result, the finished product is more of an outline of what it could look like when I finish it (and I will finish it). I wanted a “newspapery” kind of feel and I thought the poem’s sentiment had greeting card potential so I grabbed a school paper and sewed it into a greeting card using dental floss. Another problem I had was that I was too attached to the poem to settle on any kind of “look” or “art” for it. I have a better idea of what I might want it to look like but I might have to make changes to the poem in order to accomodate the art of it. I enjoyed the frustration but I’m looking forward to giving myself some more freedom with the content and it might be a poem that fits better in another format.



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