I really enjoyed all the different types of books we learned last week, but  I enjoyed the matchbook the best. Maybe it’s the smoker in me. What I liked about the matchbook was that the cover was kept in place by the flap, and that it looked like something else. Something more than a book.

I was at a bit of a loss for what to do with this project, so I think I went with the most obvious thing I could think of. I made my matchbook look like a matchbook for a fictional bar. I wanted the form of the book to serve as the setting for my very short story. The thinking behind this was that the book itself would serve to enhance the story. I used canvas paper from a sketch book I have for the book cover itself. I liked the texture of the canvas paper. I drew a bar like logo on the front for the “Night Owl Bar” and put a phone number, address, striking strip, and slogan of the bar on the cover as well to really bring the matchbook theme home. Bonus: the slogan for the bar incorporates a bad/good pun! (“A hoot of a time”)

On the inside of the book, I put a hand written note on the one flap like you see in the movies. It says, “Missing husband – If found, please return to 1032 W. Elm XOXO” The first page of the book is like a flag book with each of the strips of paper made to look like matches. Like I said, this isn’t the most “out of the box” book ever, but it does stay consistent to the matchbook theme. The idea behind this was that you have to go behind the matches to find the story. The story itself is very short. It tells the tale of a man who likes to drink, and forgets sometimes that he has a family. I did this so that message on the flap of the book can be read as if it is coming from the man’s wife. So, the guy drink and picks up a woman, or so he thinks, and yeah…he finds something he wasn’t really looking for. “The Crying Game” style.

I would have liked to have come up with something less cliche to do with one of our book types that we learned last week, but all and all, I’m happy with how this project turned out.


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