Mid Term Project: “Let’s Dance”, Hauser


            I have thought and thought about what kind of book to produce for the mid-term in the up-coming week.  A story that  I think a lot about, is Raymond Carvers Let’s Dance.  A guy comes across a younger couple sifting thorugh his junk in his yard sale.  They talk a little, the three of them (the boyfriend, the girl, and the man), and then get comfortable ith each other after drinking some whiskey.  I liked this story because the characters are pretty complex.  It’s not a really polite story about a girl and a guy or and a guy trying to get rid of his junk.  It’s about some complexities and about permanence.  The scene stretches out and the girl and the boy start dancing outside to a record player that the man is trying to get rid of.

            I liked the idea that the boy and the girl stay near the property, and the yard sale and how they don’t seem to want to leave it. I wanted to inspire something like that in a reader too, with my book.  I thought about the Turkish Fold for this reason because when I looked at the crinkles in the paper, it reminded me of the folds in a dress.  Since the title of Raymond Carver’s story was “Let’s Dance”, I thought it would be fitting to make a dress out of the folds.

            I’ve tried to link something to the front cover based off of this dress.  I’ve thought about whiskey and even whiskey coasters for the front cover or whiskey stains on the front.  At one point I even thought about making the center of the fold into a napkin, so that it would look crumpled up when you opened the Turkish Fold.  I thought that this could be connected with the whiskey and I also thought that I could jot some notes down on the napkin as well.    However,I still came back to the dress idea.  I felt that it would liven things up , and that it would be fun and exciting and would be something fun to have a reader open up to. 

            I thought towards the front and felt that maybe I could do something with the Yard Sale- a flyer of sorts.  Perhaps I could tie in the dancing as a sort of advertisement on the front so that it would connect to the dress part.  I think it’d be really fun to do that.  I am still however, thinking about the back cover and I don’t really know what to do for that part.  I am looking very forward however, towards developing more ideas about the front and back cover.



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