mid-term books

In addition to creating a themed book around  Raymond Carver’s short story, “Why Don’t You Dance”, I also wanted to talk about the materials that I will need to create my books.

Materials: 1. blue foil (for dress)
2. white piping for the ends of the dress
 3. white ribbon to make the foil look like a dress
 4.maybe (haven’t decided yet) on flyer looks for front cover where the title of my book, “Yard Sale” will go.
 5.Type written material on the front of the yard sale (10 copies)
6. back of the book, perhaps an excerpt of Raymond Carver’s short story 
7. wondering (and will ask in class about making two covers for theTurkish Fold…that way I can include material/reading excerpts in a second section of the book…may look further into how to do this.
 Schedule for Production:
1. Ive already created the Turkish Folds on watercolor paper.  I therefore have a sturdy foundation for which to glue the blue foil.  Now I need to create the top base.  Im still brainstorming about the front cover, as I want it to transition smoothly into the effect that I want the dress to make.  I’m also still in the process of thinking about the excerpt and of where I’d like it to go.  Might do it on the back so as to leave a lasting memory.  However, I want it to be clear how the dress and front mesh together.  Maybe I should put  it out before.

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