find me find

I knew in class that I wanted to try for stab binding with this assignment because it was the method that I had the most difficulty with. From that, I started thinking about the beauty of the different colored threads sewn into paper. I used a beautiful watercolor paper, deckled the pages into size and sewed designs on the pages with two different color threads.


At first, I had a specific idea of what I would do with the thread but once I started, I got really into it and switch gears completely. I started making more elaborate designs and these designs ended up developing a narrative of sorts under this “found” prompt. I like approaching projects with a prompt like this—it helps to concentrate ideas but is broad enough to allow for tons of variation. find me find became something greater, not an assignment but a piece of book art, deep with heavy metaphor. At that point in the process, I just let the form of the book take over and kept doing different things until I felt like it was done. I’m pleased with the end result and can see myself getting better at the technical “skills” of book making. And and I keep getting more and more excited to learn more techniques and do more projects!


I think this was a really good practice exercise displaying what can be done in book arts. I like exploring what a book contains and want to create more books that contain images and words mixed.


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