and Found

I made the “found” book in pamphlet style. The end product is made of different materials than those with which I began. It is a bit worn because of the mid-construction transformation. I started with decorative paper, construction paper, and needle and thread. I decided to make the book about life, the four elements of life: water, sun (fire), oxygen and wind. I finished the first version, but wasn’t satisfied with the esthetics: form didn’t mesh with content. So I decided to give it a makeover: all black construction paper for the pages, black felt for the cover, and red rope for the signature/binding. Needless to say, the redoing left some glue spots and torn edges exposed, but I think it gives it a rugged look (hopefully). I created a line of sunshine weaving through the pages as if the sunshine were a river holding the pieces together. Of course, the black felt is without sunshine, thus dark – before the big bang. The red tie is like fire, the original element that binds.

This assignment is helpful preparation for the midterm. I learned the importance of sketching out a design, listing materials, and making a mock-up before launching into the main project. This week’s book is evidence for the need to have a plan in place. There are no mistakes, only learning curves.


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