Finding the answer Part II

Now that Dustin has found the answer to this riddle in one second flat (it must be something to do with having a small daughter), I will embellish my work process a little. I was aware that we would be presenting our Found books on Valentine’s Day, and I wanted to work towards something that would incorporate that in some way.  So, once I had decided on a riddle, and that a matchbook would be the form that would best suit that, I hunted for a riddle that would have the answer, “heart.” Easier said than done, but I found a traditional one eventually. Since the requirement for this project was to work with words and images, I wanted the answer to be an image, and I thought a pop-up would add an extra little element of surprise. Of course, the heart had to be red, so I worked backwards for the colors of the other pages to lead up to it. I looked on Robert Sabuda’s site for a pop-up template for a heart. There was a bit of trial and error involved in adapting it to the matchbook format, but it came together eventually and viola! a matchbook riddle for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    Working with pop-ups is tons of fun! I think it was quite brave of you to try that out–figuring out pop-ups can be tricky. Also, I love that you tied the book to the occasion. 🙂

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