I like dinosaurs a lot, as all good people do. And while I’d love to think that cloned dinosaurs are a possibility in my lifetime, I fear I’ll have to settle for the old ones we find in the dirt. Thankfully, those ones are still pretty cool.

My found book pays homage to these OG thunder lizards by presenting some neat fossil pictures in a form that looks like a little book an archeologist might keep with them (maybe, who knows).

My book, “Found in the Ground”, is in the matchbook style. I used thick brown card stock to make the case and a classy tan paper for the text block. I found some neat dinosaur fossil drawings to print on the classy paper, and it kinda comes off as a fossil field guide or something.

I used an orangeish piece of waxed thread to bind the book, found some matching paper with which to make embellishments. There’s a little dino-footprint on the front with my name on it, and on the back cover, the title is spelled out using hand cut letters, complete with dino egg “o’s”.

While my book features plenty of images, it is admittedly light on words. Hopefully the time I put into the title lettering is sufficient in that department, but I guess I could always add some (probably fallacious) info on each fossil when I have more time. Still, I did pay attention to visual hierarchy. There were several ways to go with the cover, and I tried them all before settling on what I thought best suited the form. Likewise for the title on the backcover– I wanted to make a nice block of text that was still a little jagged and fun. I also tried to order the fossils in a way that was nice to flip through.

Making the book was not enjoyable– it took a long time and involved lots of tedious cutting and gluing (which I try to avoid generally). Still, the final result is neat, so that takes away some of the sting.

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  1. meredithpurvis said:

    I really loved looking at your book this week. Dinosaurs are pretty awesome, and the book came together very nicely as a cohesive project. I can certainly appreciate the tedium of all that cutting and gluing–it can take quite some time. That said, if you ever set out to make more than one book that has so many pieces, you will quickly figure out ways to make it more manageable. That first attempt is always the slowest. 🙂 Well done!

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